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ASIASAT DISH TV Customer Support

We provide the best Customer Support for both Paksat and Asiasat Dish tv installation. Click on Live Chat on our website to chat with our dish customer care specialists. You can also contact us via Direct Call 03125305045 or you can contact us on WhatsApp. Our online customer care specialists are available even on weekend so you don’t need to worry if you a stuck in any dish related problem even on Sunday as you can get in touch with us through Live Chat. Our online customer care timings are from 10 am until 11 pm and you can contact on watsapp if you want to contact us at some other time. Our dish tv customer care specialist can provide you all details like the complete channel lists of our products like Asiasat Dish tv or Paksat dish tv, latest dish receiver model details, latest software for receivers, latest frequencies, etc. If the problem is related to your dish signals or Lnb, in that case, we can book your appointment with dish tv installation technicians who can check and resolve this issue by visiting your house or office as signals related issues need physical setting and can’t be resolved online.

If you are relocating from some other city and need dish tv installation in Karachi, we will be more than happy to provide you the best dish installation services even if you have purchased equipment from any other dealer but kindly make sure your equipment is not of low quality as such quality product don’t work smoothly. For best performance, we recommend you to buy high quality products which have high speed and don’t have hanging problem. High quality HD receivers and dish antenna may be little high in price that cheap products but will give you much better performance with better picture and sound quality. Dolby Digital Sound quality is only available in high quality dish tv receivers used for Asiasat and Paksat satellites and is not available in cheap and substandard products that don’t last long.

We only deal in new HD receivers, new LNB’s and new dish antenna for local Pakistani channels and International Channels. We do not deal in the sale and purchase of used second hand products. If you want to sell or purchase and used dish tv receivers or dish antennas, you can sell them on classified websites or through physical market where used second hand products are sold. It is recommended to use new products for better performance and for avoiding issues because second hand products may have many hidden defects that you can only find out by using them for few days. For latest offers and updates you can get in touch with our customer service specialists on regular basis so that you don’t miss out on any discounts or amazing new products.

CALL US at 03160530183 (Also available on WhatsApp)

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