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New Dish Installation

For the best Asiasat HD and Paksat Dish HD Installation service in Karachi, contact us via direct Call or via Live Chat on our page and customer support specialist will follow up with you as soon as possible. While choosing a dish provider the most important thing to look for is the quality of channels provided by them and their customer support. In many cases, service providers claims that they are providing the best service but in reality their service is not up to the mark. Providing the best dish tv installation service in Karachi is our priority and we always try to fulfill our promise by working even on holidays when no one else is available to provide Pakistani channels dish tv installation in Karachi. We are committed to providing timely dish tv installation services when the customer needs installation rather than giving them excuses like technicians are busy today and they will visit you tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes. Once our customer service specialist has given a time to the customer for our dishtv technician visit then our technician will make sure to reach your house or office on the committed time and avoid any delays. In case of any unfortunate event like accident or any traffic blockage, our customer service specialist will update the customer so that the customer is aware of the situation. We have well trained and professional dishtv technicians who have been installing Asiasat dishtv, Paksat dish tv and all other kind of satellites for more than five years and know very well how to install any satellite which can be installed in Karachi. Those dish tv satellites which can not be installed in Karachi due to signals issue or ban from governement will not be available. If you want to install Hotbird satellite then kindly don’t contact us as we don’t deal in hotbird or Nilesat satellite as they are not available. Once technicians reach your house for dish tv installation, make sure you get all the channels tuned that you require and check their reception before the technician leave your house.

Terms and Conditions for New Dishtv Installation Services:

1. When you order a new Dish tv Connection of any type like Asiasat Dish Tv Connection or Paksat Dish Tv Connection, we will provide free home delivery service. You will not be charged any extra amount for home delivery.

2. Outdoor Dish antenna will be installed on the roof, if you don’t have access to the roof then it can be installed in the balcony but keep in mind dish size is 4 feet so if you have a small balcony, dish may not work and in order to save your precious time, provide us complete information regarding your location so our technician only visits you if dish can be installed smoothly.

3. If the technician visits you and after trying to install dish finds it impossible to install dish at your place then you just need to pay service charges to the technician and you won’t be charged anything else. Technician will be charging you for his installation fees and not for the equipment which can’t be installed.

4. Dish Antenna is installed at the roof and in case of extreme weather conditions that can’t be avoided like storm or heavy rainfall, dish antenna may be disturbed which is not in anyone’s control and no one can be blamed for such kind of situation which can’t be avoided. We are providing free channels dish services which do not have monthly charges but in case of dish disturbance, the customer has to pay dish tv setting fees and this service will not be provided free of cost.

5. Outdoor dish antenna is installed oper air and they don’t have any warranty. The dish manufacturer does not provide any warranty so we can’t give a warranty of the outdoor dish antenna to any customer. Outdoor dish tv antenna have a normal life span of 2 years and in some cases, customers are using them for more than 5 years without any problems but if you misuse or don’t take care of the dish tv antenna by installing it at such a place on the roof where children play or where you keep the animals then it may not last more than 1 year.

6. In case, if your dish antenna is broken or nonfunctional then you need to buy a new dish antenna and its cost will vary depending on quality. Prices vary from PKR 1500 to 4000.

7. We provide one week check warranty for our dish HD receivers which are used for Asiasat and Paksat satellites but this warranty is not applicable if you have voltage issue at your house and amount won’t be refunded.

8. Kindly ask us for any information that you need regarding Asiasat and Paksat dish tv installation. Once you have placed the order and our technician has installed the service at your house, if you cancel the order. You have to pay 30 % of the connection charges.

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