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PAKSAT DISH TV Maintenance

We provide the best Paksat and Asiasat Dish tv maintenance services in Karachi and all other big cities in Pakistan. Call us at 03125305045 or contact us online through our website Dish tv Karachi HD’s Live Chat page and book your appointment for dish maintenance. Our dish tv setting and maintenance services are available in all popular areas in Karachi like DHA Karachi, Bahria Town Karachi, Korangi, Saddar, Malir area, Nazimabad, Landhi, Lyari, Shah Faisal, New Nazimabad, Baldia Town, Gulberg Town, Bin Qasim Town, Site Area, Liaquatbad Area. Our services for dish tv installation of Asiasat and Paksat satellites are also available in Islamabad, Lahore and Murree. If you have purchased your Asiasat or Paksat dish tv connection from some other dish tv free channels vendor but they are not providing you good enough services and are avoiding your calls and messages, you don’t need to worry as you can switch to us at any time you want. We will provide you better services and our customer service specialists will not disappoint you. You just need to pay technician’s visit charges and our technician will fix your dish and will retune all your channels so you don’t have to wait for days or weeks to get your dish tv satellite antenna fixed.

Paksat and Asiasat both dish tv satellites are installed by experts who have been installing big 4 feet, 5 feet and 8 feet dishes for many years so they won’t be giving you any excuses that dish can’t be fixed in your area as the signals in your area are weak. Only unprofessional and inexperienced people can give such lame excuses who do not give any value to the customers. If there is any defect in your digital HD receiver or dish antenna then even after technician’s visit, your issue will not be resolved as this is not a signals issue. Our technicians can fix the dish and LNB and provide you the perfect signals for your Asiasat or Paksat satellite, which every you need. Our technicians will also show you the signals on their digital box as in some cases; customer hd box has signals issue and is not catching signals. If the hd box or Dish LNB is dead and it is not receiving signals then you need to change you hd box or change your LNB. Before calling us for Dish tv setting or dish relocation kindly make your dish receiver is not dead or faulty because if there is problem with your box then there will be no use of technician’s visit as the issue can be only resolved by changing the equipment.

If you purchased your box from some other dealer or agent and you called our technician for dish tv setting, our technician can only do dish setting and they can not do dish tv recharge. If you are getting message that your dish tv account balance is low and you need to recharge your dish tv then you need to contact the dealer who provided you dish tv recharge as our technicians will not do dish tv recharge. Our technicians can only resolve dish and lnb related problems like signals not found error, signal not coming or signals not available. If the error is account suspended due to dish tv recharge balance low then this is your recharge problem and our technicians won’t be of much help as they only do technical setting of Asiasat dish or Paksat dish and not provide any subscription services. If you want dish tv free satellite receiver setting service outside the cities in which we are providing services, you can Call us to check the availability and charges first then you can book your order.

Call us at 03160530183 (Available on WhatsApp)

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